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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
11:31 am
We talked on her dads cell phone from 9 to 3 in the morning. Donovan called her phone while we were on the phone. She is getting mad about him callin her so much. she has broken up with him like 3 times. Thanks Erica she said you encouraged her to do it every time. I am gunna hurt him though. Espeacially now that we are officially goin out. I was so happy. I am coming to her house at 10 I have to sneak in thru her window with the wripped screen. Then I have to leave at 530 b 4 her family gets up. I cant wait untill then. We get to be together again alone. From 10 t 530. thats sweetness.

Current Mood: happy
Monday, September 5th, 2005
4:03 pm
It's been a long time. I am on the phone with felicia. She wants me to start updating. Since we have computers together we will probably update everyday. I am stupid so it takes me a long time to do my in class work. So felicia will probably redo my livejournal for me. She is so good at that stuff. I love her to death. Never stopped loving her. Even when she went out with my best friend and I went out with hers. Saturday I went to her house. her parents were gone so I came in and we talked about how I had to run away bcuz my dad was beating me. I was there for about a hour till her parents got done with the class they dud. She grabbed my arm when I was leaving and said "No dont leave go to my closet and I will destract my parents. They wont know your here. You can stay all night." She went and got in a fight with her dad over nothing till he said go to your room and I dont want to see you again tonite. She is so smart. When she came back in there it was about 6. We locked her door and sat on the floor in her closet. We talked and talked till about 9. Her dad came to the door and said set your alarm for church. That meant they were goin to sleep. So we got on her bed and got under the covers(hey it was cold. We talked and cuddled. And then made out. The last time I looked at the clock it was 6 in the morning. She fell asleep in my arms. Thats the first time that ever happened. I woke her up and said I was leaving. Gave her a kiss. and left. She called me sunday and we talked about our relationship and how I wanted more. But she is still not mixing with school people. She said sheloves me. So I think things are gonna change and me and her are gonna go out. This time I want to meet all her church friends. Erika, felicia talked about how you two left off on bad terms and how she missed you and felt distant. She really cares aboiut being your best friend. I hope you do to. NOt to say you dont.

Current Mood: loved
Saturday, November 27th, 2004
10:22 am
This is the answers to the question for felicia. I cant validate my LJ yet because I used my brothers email address, so it wont let me post replies in other people LJ's.
Am I:
1. Quiet or Loud? Loud
2. Short or Tall? about in between
3. Weird or Original? both
4. Nice or Mean? nicer than me
5. Friendly or Selfish? Friendly
6. Normal or Special? Normal and special in the good way
7. Smart or Stupid? Smart
8. Boring or Fun? Fun
9. Pretty or Ugly? Very pretty!!

Do you think I'm:
1. Shy? NO!
2. Weird? NOpe
3. Crazy? sometimes
4. Cute? fa show lol, remember?
5. More than a friend? Yes for the past four days
6. A flirt? with me
7. A good friend? girlfriend
8. Conceited? never
9. Attractive? Yes
10. Two-faced? No

Some questions...
1. Do you know my phone number? I will never forget it
2. When is my Birthday? 8/18/89
3. What song reminds you of me? nice n slow - usher
4. What movie reminds you of me? raising helen, the first movie we saw together at the theatre
5. If you could rename me...what would my name be? Babe
6. Have you ever had a dream of me? All the time
7. If you could GIVE me anything...what would it be?
8. If you could ASK me one thing what would it be? A kiss
9. If you could TELL me one thing what would it be? I love you
10. Describe me in 3 words. Fun. pretty. bestgirlfriend in history--------it was more than three words, so sue me

For the Guys
1. Would you ever kiss me? Have about 100 times
2. Would you ever want to be my boyfriend? I am
3. Have you ever had a crush on me? Yes since last year
4 If we spent a day together...where would we go, and what would we do? Go to the movies, then go to the park and sit on the little spiny thing and just talk and cuddle
5. Physically, what's my best feature? Your eyes, your hair, your ass, and how soft your lips are.
6. On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate my personality? 200
7. Do you ever think of me off-line? all the time
8. Mentally, what's my best feature? IDK if this is mentally, but your humor? And how you are always there for your friends no matter what happens

1. When you first saw me what was the first thing that came to your mind? Damn I gotta get with her
2. Do you wish we were closer? I use to, now we are
3. What's your honest opinion of me? I love you and youre a sweetheart, and I hope we are together for a long time.

that is all right? Well Felicia now that I did it for you, will you do it for me?

Current Mood: horny- just kidding about that
10:13 am
THis is Dylan. THis is my first entry and probably my last. The only reason I got this is so I can reply to Felicia's LJ without confusing people lol. I am not really big on sharing my life with people. The only person I will is Felicia. So.................stop reading.


Felicia I love you!!!!!!!! and I miss you. You said you would be online at 11 right? If you are then I will talk to you then, if not I wanted you to know I was on and I need to talk to you. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: happy
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